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OK   and , I have an official announcement. John @whiskeydragon1 and I are getting married on June 19 2021. There’ll be something virtual for those who can’t make it, and we’re still trying to figure out accessible wedding invitatio...

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So I ordered some swag this morning, and I’d like to say that I am getting better order status notifications from a home-grown free plugin (WooCommerce) plus probably a low-cost solution for the shipping part than I get from either Amazon or the postal service. This is awesome.


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WordPress Website Assistance

For several years now I’ve offered to help people with the technical side of their WordPress based websites.

I’ve done that professionally and I also do some voluntary work. Most of my voluntary efforts are concentrated by answering questions on and further by participating in the support forums at WordPress dot org.

Links below…

I’ve noticed a lot of new blogs and startup businesses with questions. If you need help… find me or someone like me on those outlets.

I’m also available for a fee… I’ll do the technical side of your system for a rate starting at $600.00 for three continuous days.

That pretty much covers anything except design elements within WordPress and its environments.

If you just need to talk then I’m here for that, too. No charge as my time allows and I’ll be glad to help you through planning, domain name selection, possibly some design elements, and web hosting choices.

I usually say a perfectly fine business website or personal blog can be had for about $35.00 initial outlay.

I’m here if you need me.