How Outlining Is Essential to Your Writing

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Outlining TipsNo matter what you’re writing, outlining is a crucial early step in the writing process. An outline provides the framework upon which your finished piece of writing is built; it provides the template to fill in with your unique insights and ideas.  Of the five steps of the writing process, outlining...

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            Definition: (noun) A small French bagpipe operated with a bellows and having a soft sound.<br />
                Synonyms: <a  href="" rel="noopener">shepherd&#8217;s pipe</a>.<br />
                Usage: The young man was adept at the musette and would play it during celebrations.<br />
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“Deadly tip-overs.”I remember Tommy Smicker used to lean way…


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“Deadly tip-overs.”
I remember Tommy Smicker used to lean way back in his chair in the 5th grade.  He’d do so lacing his fingers together behind his head after making what he thought to be a devastating put-down on one of the the other kids at his work table.  One day Tommy leaned back too far.  ...

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