What to expect when you upgrade to Android 11 — New features, scoped storage, more


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Every major Android update brings new features, new changes, and things to get used to. With Android 11, though, many of those tweaks are behind the scenes, and some of them can have a real impact on how you use your device. Now that Android 11 is rolling out in full swing, here are a few things to...

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EV Startup Launches Battery-Replacement Charging Network


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This article came to our attention via Oilprice.com A California-based startup has revealed an EV charging network where drivers will only need to spend 10 minutes to get fully charged battery, Business Insider reports. The company, Ample, partnered .....

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Watch: Laura Ingraham finally admits to all of Fox’s ‘Bad Faith’ BS (a George Michael parody)


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Frozen wind turbines, going to Cancún for the sake of the children, a Pelosi-caused insurrection, everything that spews out of Tucker Carlson's mouth… Fox's 'round-the-clock faux news is hilariously covered ...

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