My Support Services Rates…

I work from my home here in Virginia! That’s where all my tools are. I don’t normally travel anywhere for work.
I only support WordPress systems… multisites are my specialty. I do NOT do designs. I do NOT do graphics.

I charge by the hour starting at $150 an hour billed at 6 min intervals ($99.00 minimum).
Or $1000.00 for a full 8 ~ hour day.

If I have time, I’ll give most anyone a free 5 minute telephone consult. (540)-440-1850

I do offer limited ongoing support starting at $99.00 for six months. That’s 24hr response and no more than an hour a month using good, automated maintenance services mostly.

I do some voluntary support work at and the support forums.

I also check the jobs board at and I do a bit of voluntary work for some churches, community organizations, and charities. Feel free to drop me an email to discuss. [email protected]

I will build and install WordPress systems. (on your server)

I will build multisites and multinetwork multisites. (starts at $99.00)

I will work with your designer/developer on themes and plugins.

I will build local box systems on Linux on your provided hardware. (FOB Middletown, Va.)

I do NOT do designs. I do NOT do graphics. I don’t create content.