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 GO IT on the GOIT (?)
WALKERS :-  Danny, Paddy, Anthony, Vic.  7 miles                           Martin, John W.  4 miles.
<p style="text-align: justify;">These are strange times. Almost a year now since normality departed. With such rapid cha...

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50 Ways to Start Boosting Your Productivity for 2021

This post came to our attention via The Nicholas Bate Blog - Business of Life + Life of Business

  1. Don’t hold stuff in your head.
  2. Keep your head clear and use your head for thinking: decisive, critical, imaginative.
  3. Use paper/screen for ‘holding’ your list of what needs attention.
  4. Our greatest asset is where we place our attention.  Bear in mind we live in an exciting world where our attenti...

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This article came to our attention via Atlas Minor

Nearly three thousand deaths from the virus yesterday, and we’re waiting for a vaccine and a new president to appear. Questions have emerged about whether the government can prohibit religious ...

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MIT machine learning models find gaps in coverage by Moderna, Pfizer, other Warp Speed COVID-19 vaccines

This article came to our attention via beSpacific

ZDNet – “Vaccines to block COVID-19 that are in development by Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and others, and that are currently in Phase III clinical trials, may not do as well covering people of Black or Asian genetic ancestry as they do for white people, a study released Wednesday by th...

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US Used Patriot Act To Gather Logs of Website Visitors

This article came to our attention via Slashdot: Your Rights Online

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: The government has interpreted a high-profile provision of the Patriot Act as empowering F.B.I. national security investigators to collect logs showing who has visited particular web pages, documents show. But the government stops short of...

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California Governor Newsom orders new limits based on ICU capacity, as COVID-19 soars

This article came to our attention first via Boing Boing

• California governor says 4 of state's 5 regions will meet new shutdown threshold 'within a day or two'
• Regional stay-at-home orders go into effect when a region's ICU capacity falls below 15%
• Bars and personal care services must close for 3 weeks
• Schools, reduced capacity retail and restaurant ...

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Google Fiber ‘2 Gig’ launches in two cities, includes custom-developed Wi-Fi 6 ‘Multi-Gig Router’

This article came to our attention via 9to5Google

In September, Google Fiber announced a ‘2 Gig’ tier, and it’s now widely available in Huntsville and Nashville. As part of this, a Wi-Fi 6 Google Fiber Multi-Gig Router is provided to customers.more…The post Google Fiber ‘2 Gig’ launches in two cities, include...

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Internet Archive Responds to Proposal for Major Copyright Reform

This article came to our attention first via Internet Archive Blogs

This week, the Internet Archive submitted a letter in response to a set of questions posed by Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) regarding potential reforms to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the law that provides a safe harbor against copyright liability for Internet services who abide by not...

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