finding help with – WordPress multisite mapping issues and/or domain issues

I’ve started feeling like helping anyone in a public forum, such as Quora or the WordPress support forums, with WordPress multisite mapping issues and/or domain issues where I’m not given the domains is just too much like trying to build a ship in a bottle… Just way too much you can’t see or can’t touch because the bottle glass is in the way or distorting the view.

I understand that many people don’t want to expose their domain names but there are way too many variables starting with the domain name registration. I’ve had people tell me of their chosen domain name to find they misspelled it, plan to buy it in the future, and/or it’s not available for one of many reasons.

I’ve had them tell me WordPress keeps answering with a 404 error no matter what they do just to discover the error page is some custom page their host, their control panel, their CDN, or else their Proxy service gives out in lieu of a proper error page.

I did look over the details you gave but that’s a poor second to watching a ‘success or failure’ on my own screen when I look on my own system. So read the many answers already offered for this subject across the Web and including this forum. Read the multitude of documents already available. If you can’t then figure it out ask again but give all the details you can give.

In your case, it may also be a cache issue… quick way to find out is to go to another PC, laptop, or notebook even and type in the domain… that’s exactly what I would have done from here if I’d been given your domain name… and I’d probably have drilled down further into the issue if that would not have worked.

Please also remember that the WordPress moderation team doesn’t redact domain information on their forums after the fact… If you really don’t want to expose your domain names publically then hire someone who can (WILL) sign an NDA or won’t expose your information unnecessarily.

PS. If you really need my attention specifically then Quora gives me a bit more options up to and including personal contact via email or phone even.

My thoughts on WordPress and SEO

Someone on Quora keeps asking me questions about SEO…

I don’t know much of anything about SEO… The only thing I can say about SEO on WordPress is ‘Yoast‘ and a reminder that ‘Content is King’! Seems most of the people asking SEO questions don’t know diddly about either of those.

When pressed further I’ll usually mention running the Broken Link Checker and the Trash Duplicates and 301 Redirect Generator. Trash Duplicates is kind of cool for its really handy 301 redirect generator. Duplicate Posts are not really cool… especially if there are comments enabled… you’ll wind up with dual comment threads if you have duplicate posts.

Do run the Trach Duplicates plugin and do let it fix your 301 redirects as it deletes those duplicates.

So, if you agree that ‘Content is King’ on a WordPress based (or any) web site, then getting that content exposed to the public would be the bailiwick of your RSS/Atom feeds and the sitemaps. WordPress has built-in support for RSS and Atom feeds or Syndication.

Yoast SEO has a very well behaved Sitemap generator.

Sitemaps are for the robots among us, those robotic search engines and web crawlers consume sitemaps and return links. But there a secondary Sitemap you should consider. Most people put a good bit of work into their main menu… they should! But I like to run a very intensive textual menu in my footers with an HTML sitemap embedded in it.

This is the plugin I’ve used most recently as it has a shortcode that can be embedded in the site’s footer. That’s where I like the HTML sitemap… right there where it’s useful for the reader seeking more info after devouring a page or post on your site.

WordPress Website Assistance

For several years now I’ve offered to help people with the technical side of their WordPress based websites.

I’ve done that professionally and I also do some voluntary work. Most of my voluntary efforts are concentrated by answering questions on and further by participating in the support forums at WordPress dot org.

Links below…

I’ve noticed a lot of new blogs and startup businesses with questions. If you need help… find me or someone like me on those outlets.

I’m also available for a fee… I’ll do the technical side of your system for a rate starting at $600.00 for three continuous days.

That pretty much covers anything except design elements within WordPress and its environments.

If you just need to talk then I’m here for that, too. No charge as my time allows and I’ll be glad to help you through planning, domain name selection, possibly some design elements, and web hosting choices.

I usually say a perfectly fine business website or personal blog can be had for about $35.00 initial outlay.

I’m here if you need me.


Jeff Hawkins’s answer to How can you prevent eBayers from sniping your bids? – Quora

Keep in mind this idea… There’s always a better deal!

I don’t worry about eBay Sniping!

When I find an item I wish to bid on I’ll come up with an absolute maximum price I’m willing to pay. I then subtract the shipping fees from that and that is my bid. And that bid is to the penny… No more!

Sniping is fine with me because I always get my item for my price or less or else I don’t get it. In the cases where I don’t get it someone else gets it for a price that is higher than I wish to pay…

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Jeff Hawkins’s answer to What is a free alternative to Cloudflare? – Quora

I do a lot of work on WordPress based websites. A lot of them are mine.To me the ideal setup is a shared host for my WordPress, a database over on a VPS or something, a CDN and the free CloudFlare to start. Run the CDN and Cache Enabler plugins and my favorite ‘KeyCDN’. Ideal setup. Cheap!!! Robust!!!With that you have the best setup to grow and to deal with problems.

Source: Jeff Hawkins’s answer to What is a free alternative to Cloudflare? – Quora

Jeff Hawkins’ answer to Why hasn’t one of the big WordPress SEO plugin developers like Yoast created a SEO theme with the plugin as part of the theme? – Quora

I imagine this question was prompted by the thought that some themes claim to be more SEO friendly or ready. A person who believes in all the SEO hype would probably look for a theme making one of those claims.

Moving just a bit further they’d probably then wonder why the SEO experts didn’t take their SEO expertise and bundle the plugin and an SEO ready theme together…

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