About This Site

First off… It’s an auto-blog… a hybrid auto-blog. A mix of content snippets from around the web, Snippets from my other sites, and a little original content intended for just this site.

The site originated over on Quora.com as a blog there and found it’s way here when Quora decided to convert all their blogs to ‘spaces’. I didn’t want to deal with learning a new format and being stuck within that format when Quora decided to do their next ‘left shift’.

I try to cover my own interests which embrace blogging, music, a bit of theater, podcasts, sports, CMSs, WordPress, Chromebooks, NASA, Polar Exploration, Space, the Gas and Oil Industry, Rail Roading, Intermodal, Model Rail, Tractor Pulling, Monster Trucks, Adventuring, Hiking, the Outdoors, Gardening, Animals, Homesteading, UFOs, and the paranormal. Did I miss anything? Oh, the Indie Web! And IPFS. Those are right important to me.

If you have a blog with an RSS feed let me know and I’ll take a look as time allows. If the subject matter fits my interests I may even pull a snippet feed from your blog into here to help promote your site.

I’m also interested in your thoughts on this site and the subjects included. Contact info is available in my H-card at the end of the sidebar on most any page here.

Have Fun… Enjoy! Learn Things!