A NUV Snapshot Survey of the Nearest Luminous AGN


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This is a SNAP near UV survey (NUV, <3000 A) in the F225W fillter of the 124 nearest (z<0.1) and X-ray brightest AGN with black hole mass measurements from broad line Hbwith existing V or I-band HST imaging. These 100 pc resolution observations will resolve the power output of local AGN (point source emission in HST) and study the link of extended nuclear star formation with AGN activity. We will separate the point like AGN emission from the faint diffuse extended galaxy emission from SFR and measure it's flux. These HST observations will be complemented by approved Swift/XRT and Swift/UVOT observations for broadband simultaneous SED coverage. Our observing strategy is to: 1). Obtain a short 20s sub arrayed exposure, to avoid target saturation. The median brightness is 17 mag AB in GALEX/NUV, with some brighter, and we don't know actually how bright the nucleus is compared to the host galaxy. 2) Then obtain a longer exposure of 17.5 minutes total so that we can recover and measure the extended emission. We split the longer 3 expsoures into 350 seconds so the buffer dump can be put into the next exposure (need to be >349 s). We use 3 separate exposure for cosmic ray elimination and to sample the PSF. We targets at UVIS2 to take ...

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that which you hold holds you


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She wondered how the moon, two hundred and thirty-nine thousand miles above the roof, could affect her as profoundly as it did. Being four times larger than the moon, the earth appeared to dominate. Caught in the earth’s gravitational web, the moon moved around the earth and could never get away. Y...

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The Doges of Venice: Venetian Rulers for More than a Millennium


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The Doge of Venice was the highest office in the Republic of Venice. This office existed for about a millennium, from the 8th century AD till the 18th century
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Senator Wyden Reflects on 9/11’s Legacy: Mass Surveillance


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"After 9/11, I took the threat of terrorism seriously, still do," U.S. Senator Ron Wyden tells Fast Company. "But also I was concerned about how the new surveillance authorities might be abused..." From Fast Company's report: After the 9/11 attacks, one big concern was connecting the dots. Faili...

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