The Capitol Police Said Jan. 6 Unrest On Capitol Grounds Would Be “Highly Improbable”


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BuzzFeedNews: “BuzzFeed News has exclusively obtained the permits Capitol Police issued for protests on Capitol grounds for Jan. 6 — a rare window into a secretive organization and its most consequential day. The chief of the Capitol Police and its top intelligence officer personally approved ...

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Don’t Stop Now: Join EFF, Fight for the Future at Apple Protests Nationwide


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We’re winning—but we can’t let up the pressure. Apple has delayed their plan to install dangerous mass surveillance software onto their devices, but we need them to cancel the program entirely. Next week, just before Apple’s big iPhone launch event, we need your help to make sure the company does th...
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Neanderthal Hunters Had “Great Mental Flexibility” Says Recent Study


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Between 52,000 and 45,000 years ago, Neanderthal hunters in the Swabian Alps, in southwestern Germany, possessed “great mental flexibility” concludes the latest study. 
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