Russian Hackers Are Abusing VPNs To Hijack Accounts, US and UK Officials Say


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Russian spies accused of interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election have spent much of the past two years abusing virtual private networks (VPNs) to target hundreds of organizations worldwide, U.S. and British authorities said on Thursday. Reuters reports: The governments said in a joint adv...

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“The case arises out of an initiative by Kamala Harris, when she was California’s Attorney General, to force nonprofits to disclose to the state the identities of their major donors….”


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"It was generally assumed that Harris wanted to know the identities of donors to conservative organizations so that they could be harassed by various California agencies, or so that their ...

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“Environmental experts have long touted the need for wildlife corridors to better help populations stay connected and maintain their genetic diversity.”


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"Underpasses beneath major highways—for Florida panthers along Interstate 75, for instance—have been in place for years, and the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, on the Georgia-Florida border, and Osceola National Forest, ...

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OPEC+ Heads for Crucial Talks


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by Bloomberg | Grant Smith, Salma El Wardany, Javier Blasclick here to read the original article*this article was not written by Roseland Oil & Gas (Bloomberg) — OPEC and its allies head into discussions on whether to satisfy the clamor for more oil, a decision that could have profoun...

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Lighthouse Photos- Using Guide Book

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This article came to our attention via Lighthouses Offline Task Handler Photographing Lighthouses I am an avid photographer and photographing lighthouses is one of my favorite retirement activities. When I travel to a new area I want to make sure …read more Source:: Lighthouse Musings Read More - Source: Lighthouses Offline Task Handler

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Supreme Court Narrows Ability to Hold U.S. Corporations Accountable for Facilitating Human Rights Abuses Abroad


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People around the world have been horrified at the role that technology companies like Cisco, Yahoo!, and Sandvine have played in helping governments commit gross human rights abuses. That’s why EFF has consistently called out technology companies, and American companies in particular, that allow th...
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Elucidate launches open database of financial crime risk scores in the banking industry


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“Elucidate, the financial crime risk scoring platform, has launched the Elucidate FinCrime Risk Monitor (EFRM), an open database for scoring the financial crime risk vulnerability of financial institutions. During a time when financial crime scandals are increasingly common, the EFRM looks to ...

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