Pömmelte Ring Sanctuary Eclipses Stonehenge With Homes and Ghastly Burials


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Scientists think an ancient astronomical observatory in Pömmelte, Germany will overshadow England’s famous Stonehenge in terms of archaeological data and the number of human burials.
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New website tracks which colleges will use eproctoring software this fall


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The Verge: “Privacy-focused nonprofit Fight for the Future has launched a new website that tracks whether certain colleges and universities plan to use virtual proctoring software during the fall semester. The platforms — like ProctorU and Proctorio — often make use of students’ webcams to wat...

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New oil and gas jobs from BOE Report Jobs


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Here are the latest oil and gas job postings courtesy BOE Report Jobs. To search and filter all the latest jobs, visit the BOE Report job board. All job listings ...

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