The ACCESS ACT Takes a Step Towards a More Interoperable Future


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When it comes to online services, there are a few very large companies whose gravitational effects can alter the entire tech universe. Their size, power, and diverse levers of control mean that there is no single solution that will put right that which they’ve thrown out of balance. One thing is cle...
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Draft registration requirement for Federal student aid to be ended soon


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The requirement for men ages 18-26 to have registered with the Selective Service System for a possible military draft in order to be eligible for Federal student aid including Federally-guaranteed private student loans will be phased out over the next two months, according to an official letter to c...

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Port of Los Angeles, Partners Launch Zero-Emission Project


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The Port of Los Angeles and its partners announced the debut of five new hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles and the grand opening of two hydrogen fueling stations as they move to pollution-free goods movement.

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