Victory for Fair Use: The Supreme Court Reverses the Federal Circuit in Oracle v. Google


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In a win for innovation, the U.S. Supreme Court has held that Google’s use of certain Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is a lawful fair use. In doing so, the Court reversed the previous rulings by the Federal Circuit and recognized that copyright only promotes innovation and creativity…

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LexisNexis To Provide Giant Database of Personal Information To ICE


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An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Intercept: The popular legal research and data brokerage firm LexisNexis signed a $16.8 million contract to sell information to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to documents shared with The Intercept. The deal is already drawing fire fr...

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Rose Island Lighthouse

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This article came to our attention via Lighthouses Offline Task Handler This article came to our attention via Lighthouses Musings Rose Island lighthouse is located just off the coast of Newport Rhode Island on an 18 acre island. The lighthouse was built by Vermont architect, Albert Dow. It… Read More - Source: Lighthouses Musings Read …

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Data For 04/05/21


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Summary Excerpt: Regular Gasoline Retail Price (Dollars per Gallon) 2.857 .. U.S. 2.765 ... East Coast 2.760 .... New England 2.870 .... Central Atlantic 2.700 .... Lower Atlantic 2.782 ... Midwest 2.587 ... Gulf Coast 2.950 ... Rocky Mountain 3.487 ... West Coast 3.163 ... West Coast less California States 3.787 .... California 2.885 .... …

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First Circuit Upholds First Amendment Right to Secretly Audio Record the Police


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EFF applauds the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit for holding that the First Amendment protects individuals when they secretly audio record on-duty police officers. EFF filed an amicus brief in the case, Martin v. Rollins, which was brought by the ACLU of Massachusetts on behalf of two ci...
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