Building a Right Cool Server Array

I’ve specked out a set of servers with some really cool services…

I’d like to build a couple of these in parallel with my own for other owners…. Can’t guarantee anything but it looks like I can pack a pair of WordPress Multisites, an IPFS, a Mastodon, and a Diaspora server plus a really neat Ad Server. That’s the makings of a business of some sort.

I’ve been running the two multisite WordPress systems for a couple years for myself… One of those is the multisite multinetwork setup while the other is a standard multisite and I’m considering database sharding to try to boost performance just a tad with the databases on the opposite servers. The reason I have two multisites is to run the simpler multisite on cheaper hardware… else I could have just done that part of things with one WordPress.

The Diaspora and Mastodon servers are reflections of my interest in the Federated Indieweb networks. The WordPress systems run the Federation plugins also.

The IPFS server is something else I’ve been playing with. I’m starting to learn blockchain but the monetary ‘coin’ side of blockchain just isn’t all that interesting to me. IPFS lets me use my newly acquired blockchain knowledge as I go along. There are some pretty cool IPFS usages that I want to look into.

I’m right delighted with Cloudflare so expect me to make use of Cloudflare for domains, proxy services, and DNS. With Cloudflare helping with the SSL stuff that seems to be a no-brainer for me.

So here’s the deal, I figure it will take me a year to explore all this stuff… The extra bit of time needed to support two or three more systems will probably expose me to a few use-cases I’d not see otherwise. But I imagine about $750.00 dollars of work will be needed for each one.

If you think something in this would help you further your goals to the tune of a $750.00 investment then maybe you’d like to spend that money with me and encourage my efforts that way.

I also have a reseller relationship with GoDaddy through their Wild West Domains. Surely there’s something here to interest you. and maybe further your objectives. Give me a call if you want to bounce some ideas around.

I’m interested in hiring out, building for a set amount of cash, partnerships for the right person or company, other ideas. etc.

Jeff Hawkins 1-(540)-247-1936 EST. I’m in Middletown, Va., retired, and I don’t drive much anymore so don’t expect me to attend meetings or want to work in your shop. But I’m real interested in your ideas.





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