Green Ski-Wax?

I read with interest the following article.

Afterwards? I thought come on… it’s two planks about 4 inches wide and about 6 ft long each. How much ski wax could that possibly leave on a mountain?

Maybe a measurable bit but really? This just doesn’t seem all that important…

Come to think of it,  I don’t really remember ever waxing my skis once I bought them. Maybe once but I wasn’t that kind of skier anyway. Just having a bit of fun on them things maybe 6 or eight times a year.

I think the damage I probably did to the environment would have been more like a cigarette butt here and there and maybe I dropped an inadvertent candy wrapper but I don’t remember ever seeing anything I dropped on the next pass so that impact was probably negligible.

Ski Wax? Yeah, most of it is probably petroleum-based but I can’t imagine that being a problem.

But go ahead… buy that stuff if it makes you feel good. I don’t think that will ever hurt anything… either way.