How a Google Street View image of your house predicts your risk of a car accident


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MIT Technology Review: “Google Street View has become a surprisingly useful way to learn about the world without stepping into it. People use it to plan journeys, to explore holiday destinations, and to virtually stalk friends and enemies alike. But researchers have found more insidious uses. ...

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Shrove Monday

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Many countries celebrate Shrove Monday as well as Shrove Tuesday, both days marking a time of preparation for Lent. It is often a day for eating pastry, as the butter and eggs in the house must all be used up before Lent. In Greece it is known as Clean Monday and is observed by holding picnics at which Lenten foods are served. In Iceland, the Monday before Lent is known as Bun Day. The significance of the name is twofold: it is a day for striking people on the buttocks with a stick before they get out …read more

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Bodie Island Lighthouse

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This article came to our attention via Lighthouses Offline Task Handler A Photographers View of Bodie Island Light In my quest to photograph lighthouses, my husband and I traveled to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I had seen photos of the …read more Source:: Lighthouse Musings Read More - Source: Lighthouses Offline Task Handler

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