A crowdsourcing platform aims to provide better insight into health issues than is currently available

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ZDNet: “In the age of social media, blogs, and online forums, the most common practice when feeling slightly under the weather has undeniably become to resort to a quick Google search. Unfortunately, when they are not unnecessarily worrying, the answers found on the web are typically inconclus...

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The Potential Role Of Open Data In Mitigating The COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges And Opportunities

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Health Affairs: “The scale and diffuse impact of the global 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetime. As of October 23, 2020, less than a year into the pandemic, there have been more than 41.7 million cases and more than one million deaths globally. Without a...

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In Nairobi, Young Diners Clamor for Traditional Kenyan Cuisine

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John Onyango has never been to culinary school, nor did he start his career as a chef in a recognized restaurant or hotel. Instead, he first cooked in a suburban food kiosk, where he served the wage earners who worked in the neighboring schools, market and local Nairobi City Council offices…

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New Yorker writer fired after zoom dick incident

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Jeffrey Toobin, the New Yorker writer who exposed his penis to colleagues on a videoconference call, was today fired by the magazine. Toobin's name quickly became synonymous with online genital exposure after the incident was publicized, and he was suspended shortly after the incident. — Read ...

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