Texas televangelist who falsely linked pandemic to premarital sex dies of COVID-19

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• In March, 'End Times' pastor Irvin Baxter said COVID-19 is a 'wake-up call' from God on the sin of fornication. Baxter died of complications from COVID-19 less than 8 months later.The Dallas Morning News is reporting that a Pentecostal televangelist who falsely linked the pandemic to sinful pr...

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Microsoft Engineer Gets Nine Years For Stealing $10 Million From Microsoft

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A former Microsoft software engineer from Ukraine has been sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing more than $10 million in store credit from Microsoft's online store. Ars Technica reports: From 2016 to 2018, Volodymyr Kvashuk worked for Microsoft as a tester, placing mock online orders to ma...

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Election Security: When to Worry, When to Not, and the Takeaway from Antrim County, Michigan

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Everyone wants an election that is secure and reliable. With technology in the mix, making sure that the technology supports this is critical. EFF has long-warned against blindly adopting technologies that can be easily manipulated or fail without having systems in place to test, secure, and catch p...
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