No Police Body Cams Without Strict Safeguards

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EFF opposes police Body Worn Cameras (BWCs), unless they come with strict safeguards to ensure they actually promote officer accountability without surveilling the public. Police already have too many surveillance technologies, and deploy them all too frequently against people of color and protester...
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Formulate Your Election Night Plans Now – 21 ways to distract yourself on Election Day

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Lifehacker: “We don’t know what exactly election night will bring, but it’s unlikely that it will be the same straightforward process that has brought us accurate (if unofficial) results before midnight (almost) every other election cycle. And even if things go smoothly, the night is likely to...

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GitHub Warns Users Reposting YouTube-DL They Could Be Banned

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from TorrentFreak: On October 23, 2020, the RIAA decided on action to stunt the growth and potentially the entire future of popular YouTube-ripping tool YouTube-DL. The music industry group filed a copyright complaint with code repository Github, demanding that th...

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Librarian, Read Thyself

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The Rambling: “Why would you enter a dying field?” “You need a master’s degree to shelve books?” “Must be nice to sit and read all day.” Such commentary is a rite of passage for librarians, inflicted by everyone from family members to university administrators. Equally often, however, the remarks ar...

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The Cost of the “New Way to Message on Instagram”

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If you are on Instagram, you have been probably bombarded by Instagram Stories and notifications about new features like emojis, chat themes, selfie stickers, and “cross-platform messaging” that will allow you to exchange direct messages with, and search for, friends who are on Facebook. But the ins...
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NKP #765 In The Cuyahoga Valley

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Set in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Nickel Plate Road provides fantastic scenery! Nickel Plate Road’s S-2 Berkshire type 2-8-4 steam locomotive #765 gives us a great display of the golden age of steam! Now serving as an excursion train, she is part of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad which is one of the […]The post NKP #765 In The Cuyahoga Valley appeared first on Train Fanatics.

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Derailed Dutch train saved by a whale’s tail (with *the* perfect name)

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This is a real whale of a tale. A Dutch metro train derailed Sunday in Spijkenisse, near Rotterdam, but was saved from plummeting 30 feet by a large whale tail sculpture. The best part? The sculpture is called "Saved by The Whale's Tail." — Read the rest

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Gibson Energy announces 2020 third quarter results

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All financial figures are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted CALGARY, Alberta – Gibson Energy Inc. announced today its financial and operating results for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2020. “In what remains a challenging environment for our industry, the resilient nature of ...

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