If I had an extra case…

The other week when that ‘essential of all essentials’ known as toilet paper started running short I was thinking…

If I had an extra case or two I’d gather up some plastic shopping bags that I always keep handy and a magic marker…

A quick, anonymous, ‘Thinking of you’ message, and a roll of paper. Run out late in the evening and leave them hanging on my neighbors doors.

A little humor and a small bit of compassion!

I didn’t have a case of that wonderful commodity or a whole lot of anything else we all might be running short of but I do have a handy wave, a smile, and a moment to connect to my neighbors.

And others have the same ideas… I’ve got a real kick out of seeing people touch others by sharing just something they do have. Smiles, cheers, some sidewalk chalk art, murals, signs and candles in windows, care packages, white ribbons, applause and horns sounding at designated times.

Then today I found this…


You can leave a simple message there… say hello, express your fears, encourage someone else… what you feel you need to say… You can say it there.

And if nobody does? The site will delete itself to never be seen again. That would be a shame!


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