A Three Pronged Plan for my WordPress Based Endeavors

Part 1: An Appliance!

I have a concept for a ‘box’ with Linux, MySQL, PHP, Apache, and WordPress sitting under a desk. That will be where the next generation of WordPress based websites will begin. It’s an appliance for creating a website on the WordPress platform.

Once finished enough for first publication, the Appliance will sync up with the actual website and transfer the content up for initial publication. Subsequent updates will occur on the ‘box’ and be ‘syndicated’ or synced when finished.

Notice I said syndicated first. I think syndication onto multiple ‘owned’ websites might be a good business model for many bloggers and website owners. Besides cross-promotion on the owned network, being open and organized around syndication is a good place to be for the prolific content creator or marketer.

Proper distribution via syndication may be the only promotional work ever needed by many bloggers and hobbyists.

Part 2: A Federated WordPress

I’m convinced even more that WordPress needs to embrace the ‘Fediverse’…

Tonight on Shark Tank I heard the phrase, “Facebook giveth and Facebook taketh away”. A stark reminder that promotion on the commercial social media platforms is a perilous place to be basing business upon.

The Indie Web is a good answer to that predicament. It is not perfect and sometimes creates some very strange ‘bedfellows’ but federation across the Indie Web opens outlets that may sometimes be fleeting, Willy Nilly, and capricious but the presence on the Fediverse also opens up steadier outlets and further cross-promotion.

Part 3: Guided WP

There’s a lot of WordPress ‘pieces’ that are fantastic for building out a really awesome, highly functional website. But each of those pieces can be absolutely daunting to implement and maintain.

For instance, I’ve been playing around with something called WP2Static lately which is an amazing plugin from Leon Stafford that takes the output of a WordPress website and converts that to static HTML pages to be rendered by a cheaper web hosting account at blindingly fast speeds.

It’s a very impressive setup but you almost need to be a WordPress guru (Or Leon Stafford himself) to make it work initially. Pair that up with my ‘Box’ concept though and toss in a Guided WP account and you have that guru ‘on staff’ and the WP2Static preconfigured when you spec out and order the ‘Box’.

I’ll be coming back here over the next several months and expanding this article but this was to give you an idea of the possibilities.

The Fourth Prong?

IPFS! I’m thinking an IPFS server is a pretty darn good idea for storing images and some of those static pieces of a website. I’m already using that some for images pertaining to my reading list/book suggestion posts.

Right now I’m using a manual method with the IPFS companion browser extension to save those images.

It sure would be nice to be able to store media images over there from the WordPress media library. 

About the Author… Jeff Hawkins is an active WordPress developer and entrepreneur who writes about his adventures when he’s not busy being a grandfather and a WordPress Support Volunteer!

Mr. Hawkins can sometimes be found espousing his theories as facts on various outlets including Quora.com.