Website & Content Checklist

Does your website benefit from a Responsive Website design?

Do you have an SEO Strategy?

Can you yourself add content to the site like new pages and articles?

Have you considered Website Security?

Is there a system to monitor website traffic and performance via Analytics?

Does your Website:

Feature your company logo, name, and location or business purposes?

have new posts, pages, or other content (twice a week)?

Contain a Privacy Policy?

Reflect your social media presence?

Wouldn’t you enjoy seeing your social media efforts on your own website?

Can your visitors figure out your navigation?

Do you have prominent Contact Info?

Is there a copyright notice in the footer?

Is the date in the Copyright Notice current?

Remember this, a currently updated Copyright line tells your users you are involved with your page – or rather a ‘dated’ (as in last years) Copyright practically screams ‘No one cares’.

Is there a contact for your web guru (in case of a website question)?

Did you remember to mention your other businesses? Always cross-promote!

You don’t have AdSense or other ads on your site do you? (We’ve seen our client’s competitor’s ads show up on our client sites).

Are you making good use of photos, images, logos, etc.?

Do you have something to attract attention like an Image Slider or Marque or both?

Are your image sliders really effective?