An Electric Drill named Lionel… Part II!

My post about Lionel the stinky electric drill might have bought a smile or two and prompted a memory of old train sets and such…

There was another part to the story I didn’t tell…

Lionel came with a handful of small drill bits. That was one of the reasons I bought it. I needed a drill and a couple of bits since my box of bits was inside of the drill case and my buddy was heading for a job by himself with my good drill and kit.

I chucked a bit into good ole Lionel to drill a hole in a piece of metal stock. Easy job!

Bit seemed sharp enough and ‘bit’ into the work just fine then caught once and immediately started spinning again. Quit cutting also. Stopped to look. Something looked odd.

When the bit caught it turned itself ‘left handed’. I have never seen that happen before. The bit was running in oil and was not hot. Just some very cheap steel.

I tossed the bits… all of them… didn’t seem safe… or all that useful!