Why the Indie Web movement is so important – Dan Gillmor

Suppose you could write in your personal blog and have a summary of your post show up on popular social-media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook – and then have responses on those sites show up as comments in your blog? You can, and if some talented programmers have their way you’ll soon be able to do so easily. In fact, it’s what I’m doing right now with this post, which is also running at Slate Magazine.Why would you or I want to do this? Simple: We’re in danger of losing what’s made the Internet the most important medium in history – a decentralized platform where the people at the edges of the networks – that would be you and me – don’t need permission to communicate, create and innovate.

Source: Why the Indie Web movement is so important – Dan Gillmor

2 thoughts on “Why the Indie Web movement is so important – Dan Gillmor

  1. @jNash I found it interesting that Gillmor’s post was written in 2014…and 5 years later, we’re still no closer to most people, even most tech people, recognizing the dangers of centralization on the Internet and doing anything about it aka writing on their own sites 🙁

  2. I’m doing my part when and where I can!

    This blog, came about from an original blog that was started on a major Silo and was disabled when that Silo decided to change from blogs to a different format. I had just built a WordPress based multisite, multinetwork straddling two servers and pulled all that content to here as a test in order to keep that content available.

    I had just started seriously exploring the IndieWeb at the same time so I’ve been working on microblogging and the Fediverse by way of Mastodon and the https://micro.blog/ platform itself.

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