Building Your first AutoBlogging WordPress Website.

Let’s touch on content real quick.

There are APPs and services that will take existing content from other websites and change it by rewording most of it. Reformatting somewhat and passing it to you to post as your own.

That’s despicable if you ask me. Plagiarism! I won’t do that but I’ll leave that up to your conscience if that’s what you feel is necessary… it’s not.

The way I do things is… take an existing post and cut off all but the first 30 – 50 words or less. Post that and have your software add a link to the original article at the bottom. That’s building your content, building links and readership to the other guy’s content, and at the same time providing traffic back to the originating website when your visitors chose to read more.

It’s pretty much exactly what a search engine will do from the content side of things. Sometimes it takes a little additional editorial work but for the most part, the Import modules I use will take care of that for you.

Nothing here should be construed to dissuade you from writing your own content either. The more great content you create on your own – the better. If you are creative enough (and maybe find a few guest bloggers) you won’t even want to depend on the RSS feeds for any content.