An Electric Drill named Lionel!

Back when I was working on bank equipment all the time I had a nice Dewalt Electric Drill I carried in the truck. Ran into my buddy and he needed to borrow a good drill so I lent the Dewalt to him.

No sooner did he leave then I had a service call where I’d need a cheap drill for one tiny little hole. In brass even. Easy drilling. Stopped by a discount tools shop figuring I’d grab a cheap 1/4 inch drill to do that job. Found the drill I called Lionel!

Drove over to the job site, met the customer and setup Lionel with a small bit. Ran the extension cord and fired that bad boy up. Have you ever owned an electric toy trainset whose engine smelled like burning motor windings and ozone? That’s what Lionel smelled like. but maybe 100 times worse. Stunk up that room in a minute flat. A stink that left a taste in your mouth.

It was terrible!

The customer complained. My eyes were watering. The smell seemed to adhere to everything. Took the drill out to the truck. It stunk up the truck.

Finished the job and went home. Let the truck air out and set Lionel on the picnic table to air out. The next day I put it back in the truck just in case and thinking I might just take it back.

Needed a drill a few weeks later so I decided to give it another chance. Nope, still stinks.

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