Hearing Tuesday: EFF Testifies Against SFPD for Violating Transparency Policies


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Police Department Withheld Documents About Use of Facial Recognition

San Francisco – On Tuesday, June 15, at 5:30 pm PT, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will testify against the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) at the city’s Sunshine Ordinance Task Force hearing. EFF has registered a c…

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“As the president got out of the car, wearing dark glasses but having ditched his mask a few seconds before, he and his wife held hands, which was either a gesture of matrimonial affection or a useful bit of support as the president negotiated the dais steps.”


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That's how the London Times describes Biden meeting the Queen in "President Biden pays Queen the mother of all compliments." The "mother of all compliments" — haven't heard that ...

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Southwestern diversifies investments outside Appalachian Basin


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Southwestern Energy recently expanded its foothold beyond the Appalachian Basin, buying Indigo Natural Resources in the Haynesville Shale for $2.7 billion. The post Southwestern diversifies investments outside Appalachian Basin appeared first on Shale Gas Reporter.

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“Several factors are driving the job turnover. Many people are spurning a return to business as usual, preferring the flexibility of remote work or reluctant to be in an office before the virus is vanquished. Others are burned out from extra pandemic workloads and stress, while some are looking for higher pay to make up for a spouse’s job loss or used the past year to reconsider their career path and shift gears.”


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